Phallosan Forte Review & Results (2022) I Tried It For 3 Months And Here’s What Happened..

Phallosan Forte Plus Review

Today I’m going to be talking about my Phallosan Forte review and results.

I’ve been using the new Phallosan Forte Plus (I bought here) for the last 3 months and thought I’d share what it’s done for me so far..

At 27 years old I’ve never been happy about the size of my penis and thought that it was about time I actually did something about it.

At just under 5 inches I’ve been looking at ways to make my penis bigger for the last few years but never did anything about it until recently.

If you’ve done any research on how to make your dick bigger you’ll know that extenders are one of the only devices proven to work.

Here’s what an average extender looks like:

Phallosan Forte Old Version

There are even studies and research proving that extenders work and thousands of testimonials around the web from guys who’ve used them to gain inches in size.

What Studies?

Phallosan Forte Study

There’s been quite a few studies conducted on extender devices but the main study comes from the University of Turin:

  • They took twenty one guys and had them wear an extender for 5 hours per day for 6 months.
  • At the end of the 6 months the average guy had gained 32% in flaccid length and 36% in erect length.
  • And after 12 months the guys had all kept their size increase even after they stopped using the extender.

The researchers concluded that:

“extenders could provide a viable alternative to surgery, as the results were significant and patient satisfaction with the technique was high.”

I Bought An Extender..

After reading through studies and testimonials I was excited to get started so I ordered one for myself (not the phallosan forte) and the very first day I realized that it wasn’t going to work for me.

The extender was so uncomfortable to wear and after 30 minutes my dick turned purple!

So I Googled my problem and it seems I wasn’t the only guy complaining about extenders cutting off the circulation and being uncomfortable to wear.

Extender Review

Then I Discovered The Phallosan Forte Plus

Phallosan Forte Plus

The Phallosan Forte Plus is a new extender that uses a suction bell instead of a noose to extend your penis.

It works the same way as a normal extender and guys were saying it’s more comfortable to wear.

Anyway, I ended up buying one because I wasn’t ready to give up on extending just yet and it arrived pretty fast..

The Test: Wearing The Phallosan Forte Plus

Wearing The Phallosan Forte Plus

After it arrived the real test was whether it was comfortable enough to wear for a good amount of time or not.

It took a while to figure out how to put it on but I quickly got the hang of it and the first day I was able to wear it for 5 hours straight!

The Phallosan Forte isn’t cheap so it was a relief to know that I could wear it for at least 5 hours every day and hopefully get some results!

Speaking of results, let’s talk about them..

Phallosan Forte Results - 3 Months Later..

As of right now I’ve been wearing the Phallosan Forte for around 4-6 hours per day for the last 3 months and have gotten some nice results.

In 3 months I’ve gained 2cm in erect length and my flaccid length is bigger too.

Since gaining 2cm with the Phallosan Forte:

  • I feel motivated to continue.
  • My confidence has gone up.
  • 2cm has made a big difference and my penis looks a lot bigger already.
  • My sex drive has gone up too.

Overall I’m really pleased with the Phallosan Forte and the results it’s given me and would recommend it to anyone who wants to make their penis bigger.

The Phallosan Forte System

Since I’ve gotten such good results with the Phallosan Forte I’ve been reading up and heard amazing things about jelqing and the Bathmate so I decided to add those to my routine too.

Phallosan Forte System

I’ve got my Bathmate and I do jelqing by hand.

Bathmate Hydromax

I love the Bathmate because it gives your penis an instant size boost that last for hours.

My penis looks so big and thick after using it.

Here’s the routine I’m following now:

  • Use the Bathmate when I shower in the morning.
  • Then do a couple hundred jelqs after using the Bathmate.
  • Then wear the Phallosan Forte for 5 hours.

If you research penis enlargement then you’ll find that there’s 3 things people say really work..

..extenders, pumps and jelqing.

The system above combines all 3!

Update: I’ve been using this system for the last week and my dick looks huge. Bigger than ever before. The Bathmate and jelqing go really well with the Phallosan Forte. I think this system is a winner!

  • Get the Phallosan Forte Plus here.
  • Get the Bathmate here.

The only downside to the Phallosan Forte Plus is that it’s not an overnight fix and you need to be prepared to wait a while to see results.

But if you can be patient, stick with it and put your trust in a device that’s proven to work then I think you’ll be very happy with the life changing results it will give you.

Get your Phallosan Forte Plus from the official website here.

What Is The Phallosan Forte Plus?

Phallosan Forte Extender Device

The Phallosan Forte Plus looks a bit like a regular extender with the rods on the side except it uses a suction bell to hold your penis in place.

It’s made by a company called Swiss Sana and they ship worldwide.

The rods on the side elongate to stretch out your penis and help it grow.

The “Plus” version is actually an upgrade to the original Phallosan Forte (which you can still buy).

The old version uses a strap that you tie round waist to create pull-tension and the new “Plus” version uses rods to extend your penis.

Here’s what the original Phallosan Forte looks like:

Phallosan Forte Original

And here’s what the Phallosan Forte Plus looks like:

Phallosan Forte Plus Review

Here’s a video explaining how to put it on. It sounds complicated in the video but it’s actually much easier to do in real life:

I haven’t used the original version, I’ve only used the “Plus” version and have no hesitation recommending it.

The studies proving that extenders work were done using exteders that use the rod system so I’d definitely recommend getting the new Phallosan Forte Plus over the original version.

If you purchase from the official website then you can get $30 off the Phallosan Forte Plus here.

Phallosan Forte Questions And Answers

Here are some answers to the common questions asked about the Phallosan Forte:

The studies conducted on extenders where participants gain 36% in length in just 6 months had them wearing the device for 5 hours per day.

I think 5 hours per day is a good amount of time per day to wear it and that’s what I’m doing myself.

I’ve heard some people talking about the 1,000 hour rule that says that it takes about 1,000 hours of wearing the Phallosan Forte to gain 1 inch.

If you wear your Phallosan Forte Plus for 5 hours per day then it’ll take around 6 months to reach 1,000 hours and gain 1 inch or more.

If you’re using a device like the Bathmate Hydromax then you can expect to see an immediate size boost.

But extenders like the Phallosan Forte Plus take time to see results so don’t measure every day.

I think the best thing to do is just wear it and forget about it and let it do its thing and before you know it you’ll be getting bigger.

Yes a little bit but I found it mainly increased length which makes sense as you’re stretching the penis length ways not sideways.

The Bathmate Hydromax pumps are really good for girth though.

I ordered mine on a Tuesday afternoon and it arrived by Friday morning so not long!

And the packaging was very discreet so the postman won’t know what’s inside. 🙂

It may take you a few minutes at first but when you get the hang of it you’ll be able to put it on in just 20-30 seconds.

As long as you’re not doing any athletic activity or wearing super tight trousers then you can definitely wear the Phallosan Forte Plus out and about without anyone noticing.

I think you could wear the old Phallosan Forte strap device while you’re sleeping but I don’t think it would be a good idea with the Plus version because if you roll over onto it then it could break the rods on the side.

Yes, I found it very comfortable and safe to wear.

After a few hours it does ache at the base of the penis a bit where the plastic meets the skin so I put some cloth there which solved that problem.

Phallosan Forte Reviews

Here’s a few of the many positive reviews I found for the Phallosan Forte.

MiamiStud gained 1.5 inches in flaccid length and 0.5 inches in erect length, his first month!

Phallosan Forte Reviews 1

Tahir gained a quarter of an inch in his first 2 months as well.

Phallosan Forte Reviews 2

And this user says that the Phallosan Forte also helped him gain half an inch his first 6 months and he only used it for around 3 hours per day.

There are lots of Phallosan Forte reviews like this online.

It’s cool to see that real guys are using it right now and getting amazing results.

The Phallosan Forte Study

In 2005 a German physician by the name of Dr Sohn carried out a study on the Phallosan Forte to test its effectiveness.

Dr Sohn found that:

  • Guys who wore the device for 6 hours per day, 5 days a week: Gained an average of 1.14 inches after 6 months.
  • Guys who wore the device for 9 hours per day, 6 days a week: Gained an average of 1.47 inches after 6 months.

You can read the results of the full study at

Should You Buy The Phallosan Forte Plus?

Should You Buy The Phallosan Forte

After trying both the Phallosan Forte Plus and a regular extender I can say without a doubt that the Phallosan is 10 times better.

It’s a little more work to put on but when you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy.

And it’s comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time so you can put the hours in and get results.

It’s a bit more expensive than your average extender but you get what you pay for.

If you’re thinking of getting an extender to increase the size of your penis then you won’t be disappointed with the Phallosan Forte Plus.

Get yours from the official website here.

And if you’ve used one yourself then don’t forget to leave your own Phallosan Forte review below!

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2 years ago

I like to order the phallosan forte and also need to know the price

2 years ago

I bought one and the only thing that really sucks about it is the sleeves, they only last for a couple days. And when you go to buy them they’re not cheap; so they’re making their money by having to buy the sleeves continuously. If anybody can tell me where to buy sleeves that are durable and don’t cost a lot please let me know.

2 years ago

I bought one and been using for about 2.5 month’s. I average probably 6 hours daily.sometimes more .but 4-5 is the max before I have to biggest complaint is with the sleeve condoms.I use the large bell with medium sleeve and its hard to put on and remove.due to it being a tight fit.the medium bell is too tight on my ive already broke 3 medium sleeves.told phallosan about it,and was told O can purchase more.I feel for the price they should last longer,also i dont like the protector caps that go over the glans.unless you are erect… Read more »

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