Phallosan Forte Review & Results

The Phallosan Forte has become one of the most popular penis extender devices of all time.

So I thought it was about time I posted my review!

Have you ever heard the saying: “This is no time for a dick measuring contest!?”

Usually said when two men are ingto outshine each other by bragging about their achievements or what they can do.

Some men like myself have taken this literally and have started a quest for a more “well-endowed” penis.

If you’re like me then fear not, there is hope!

According to a recent study in Italy, there is one called the “traction method”.

Through this process, the penis is placed in an extender like the Phallosan Forte and then stretched for a specific number of hours daily.

It was found out that those who participated in this study reported an average growth of 0.7 inches after using this method for 4-6 hours each day for a period of four months.

It is believed that this method stimulates tissue cells to reproduce; a process called cytokinesis.

This method is being utilized by Phallosan Forte.

What is The Phallosan Forte?

The Phallosan Forte is a penis extender manufactured and distributed by Swiss Sana Anstalt, a company that has been in the industry for more than 14 years now.

This equipment was invented in 2001 in Germany and is considered to be an effective way of penis enlargement without using pills or surgery.

This product is sold in pharmacies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

You can also order on the official company website.

I strongly recommend that you purchase Phallosan Forte only from authorized outlets.

There has been instances of fakes and copies of this product circulating online.

For $339 (shipping not included), you get the whole package consisting of a user guide, an instructional DVD, girth measuring device and the actual penis extender.

If we break it down, the components of the actual device are:

  • Suction ball – has a built-in 3-way valve which sucks the air out of the suction bells
  • Suction bells – in three different sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) with attached condom sleeves
  • Adjustable elastic belt – the suction ball is connected to this belt
  • Tension clip – you can determine and adjust the amount of tension through this component
  • Protector cap – this is placed in your penis glans to prevent it from getting irritated or from strain

Putting this on is relatively easy because of the instructional DVD included.

Also, the components are made in such a way that adjustments with regards to tension and comfortability can be easily done.

How long do you use Phallosan Forte for?

The science that makes this Phallosan effective involves a lot of patience and dedication on the part of the user.

There are a lot of reviews about this product that also post schedules to follow in order to get the most effective gain out of Phallosan Forte.

This is one you can follow:

  • WEEK 1

Take it relatively easy. During the first days, use it for around 1-2 hours and adding more hours as you more days pass.

Eventually, you will be able to wear this device comfortably for 4 hours by the 5th or 6th day.

Remember, don’t forget to give your penis a rest on the last day.

  • WEEK 2

On the second week, try to aim for the 8-10 hours mark.

Add one hour each day until you reach this point.

We also need to advise not to force anything that will put you through so much pain.

Remember, Phallosan Forte was designed to be worn comfortably. Also, don’t forget your weekly 7th day rest.

  • WEEK 3 onwards

It is best if you maintain this 8-10 hours goal.

Regularly make sure that the tension is strong but not painful and do not forget the rest day needed.


You can use this for more than 10 hours, if you want, and try to measure your penis after 6 months.

However, a definite aim will give you a chance to try the effectiveness of the product at a definite rate.

What results can you expect?

The company that made Phallosan recommend that you use their product for at least 1,000 hours to get definite results which may sound like a lot but it will go fast, trust me!

On a positive note, there are customers who have professed to make significant gains after only using it in just 600-700 hours.

However, I would like to remind you that results will vary depending on various physical factors.

The important thing is to stick to the schedule and to keep in mind of the first inch that you will gain.

If you suddenly stop putting on this device, there is a possibility of losing the first inch gained.

After the first inch sticks and remains permanently, some customers have testified to gaining around 0.50-0.85 inch more.

What are the advantages of Phallosan Forte?

One thing I immediately noticed is that this device is relatively easy to put on and very comfortable to wear.

You can wear it during the day when you go to work or during the night as you go to sleep.

The Phallosan Forte is very comfortable which is why you can wear it for long hours.

Other devices and extenders are very burdensome to wear and can only be worn if you are in a private place like your home.

Some are too bulky that wearing it to work would be awkwardly obvious.

Also customer service and the product warranty are two pluses for Phallosan Forte.

They have also made the packaging as such that there are no labels or embarrassing images that may put you at a difficult situation should someone else receive the package for you.

FDA approval is a big advantage for Phallosan Forte.

With so many male enhancement products entering the market nowadays, getting to reach the standards set by competent industry authorities prove the effectiveness of Phallosan Forte in the area of penis enlargement.

We think the only bad thing about Phallosan Forte is the price as $339 is a little bit hefty for some of us but considering that you will be using the product for more than 6 months shows that the price is definitely worth the investment.

There is a possibility of the sleeve condom breaking, being that it’s quite thin.

However, the replacement condoms can be purchased for $26.90 which is still relatively small compared to the total price.

From what I have learned from other reviews, there are customers who have used the sleeve condom for more than 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you buy? – It is imperative that you purchase this product only at their official website. There are knock-offs that are being sold in certain websites offering cheaper prices but will bring about little or no results once you use it and they break easily.
  • How long before it is delivered? – You can get the product in 2-3 working days. This seem quick considering that the company is based in Germany
  • Does it take too long to put on? – The initial first use after watching the instructional DVD may be a little difficult but after getting used to it, attaching it can be done for just 20 seconds.
  • How about girth? – The initial aim of Phallosan Forte has been with length. However, some customers profess to gain a little bit of girth on the side after using this product.
  • Can I wear it discreetly? – Yes. If you just maybe stay away from those tight jeans or trousers, nobody will notice.
  • Can I sleep wearing it? – You can definitely wear this to bed. It doesn’t cut off circulation so you can wear it as long as you are comfortable. There are men who tend to roll around in the sleep so they instead opt to wear this during the day.
  • Is it safe to use? – This product is definitely safe to use. We have read a lot of reviews, whether they be positive or negative, and have found not one instance that Phallosan Forte became dangerous to use.
  • Regular Extender or Phallosan Forte? – Regular extenders are painful and oftentimes only the length of the shaft increases. Phallosan Forte, on the other hand, are comfortable and shows that it can be effective also when it comes to enhancing also the size of the head and the girth.

Conclusion – Should You Buy The Phallosan Forte?

After looking at the different aspects of Phallosan Forte I believe this to be an outstanding product.

It’s made by a well-established company who believes enough in their product that they are willing to attach a two year warranty to it.

It is relatively easy to put on and comfortable to use at any time of the day.

There are a lot of positive reviews from very satisfied customers.

It uses a scientifically proven method and is FDA approved.

The Phallosan Forte is sure to give you that extended penis you want. Maybe one or one and a half inches may be not important for some people but those little gains can provide you with a positive vibe and confidence that you need; especially in bed! A lot of ladies are sure to be very satisfied with your product.

So if you’re looking to get into a dick measuring contest in the literal sense, be prepared to take the crown thanks to the Phallosan Forte!

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